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Parenting author May Clarke, shares her ground breaking parenting techniques with viewers from The Love Destination TV. 



Rated 5 STARS ***** by Parent Reviewers on Foxtel and KIDSPOT!!


'Beautifully written and insightful.  Highly recommended...'

'Had me entertained from page one...'

'I'm going to recommend to all the mothers in my playgroup.'

'Helps to build strong families and teaches children to be happy, confident and resilient.'

'Provides excellent strategies and examples for parents and how to deal and overcome issues they encounter when raising their children.'

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Hi.  I'm May Clarke.  I'm so glad you've found me here. I hope you find this a place that you can visit often to get inspiration and parenting techniques to help you and your child enjoy your journey together.




To tell you the truth, if I was asked this question 14 years ago, I would have wondered why myself.  See motherhood didn't come easy for me. I don't know why I had this idea that I would be a 'natural mum'.  I now realise that parenting doesn't come naturally.  It actually is a skill and the great thing about that, is skills can be learnt.  Phew!  


So for me, it took many years of trial and error, formal studies in complimentary health and a bucket load of self reflection before I could come to a point of being comfortable in sharing my experiences with other parents.  In my book 'Amazing Kids!', I tell it how it is. All the ups and downs as well as the gems that will help parenting so much easier.  And I can honestly say that it will become easier, whole heartedly. Here's what a parent reviewer had to say about Amazing Kids!:



'If parenting came with a handbook the advice in this book should be included.'

Joanna Harrison, Baulkham Hills NSW 

Foxtel Lifestyle YOU Channel - Parent Book Reviewer



I thought motherhood would be a piece of cake...

Before giving birth I thought I had it all down pat.  Like everything else, I thought I'd simply project manage the task and presto!  Well what a rude shock it was after 14 hours of exhausting labour, an emergency cesear and many months of suffering from sleep deprivation.  (I had one of those babies that cried constantly - day and night.) Because of my poor mental state, my actions nearly ended up tragically. Luckily 14 years later, I'm happy to say that I survived and I'm the proud and grateful mother of two beautiful, happy and thriving kids.


Disaster in the making... The day I nearly KILLED my baby!

Having desperately tried all measures to get my baby to sleep I resorted to the oldest trick in the book and took my baby for countless spins around the block in the car, before I finally reached success.  I parked the car slowly in the garage, being careful not to wake my baby.  I decided to leave the car engine running, and kept the door a little ajar so not to wake and startle my baby with the sudden slam of the door.  


I quickly dashed back inside the house to fetch the baby monitor and placed it next to the car seat so that I could hear every breath and sound she made. Then I carefully tip toed out of the garage for the second time and shut the garage door behind me, to block out the loud rumbling sounds of trains that intermitently passed by.  I then waited anxiously inside the house, glued to the other end of the baby monitor.


Thank God my mother instinct kicked in!

Luckily, not long after, my motherly instinct kicked in and I decided to check up on my baby. I felt pure shock and horror when I opened the garage door, and the smell and sight of smoke hit me right in the face.  I couldn't contemplate what could have happened if I had returned another minute too late. To this very day, I'm so grateful that I followed my motherly instinct and returned when I did.


How  self esteem and beliefs come to play

I soon realised that my preconceived ideas about parenting and what it should 'look like' was somewhat idealistic and was totally linked to my internal drivers and beliefs. (We all come with our own set of baggage when we become parents and they don't just magically go away.) It wasn't until many years later, when I studied complimentary medicine, that I gained this valuable insight which reshaped my whole thinking.  The results were quite profound.  It was through working on my issues and through helping clients with their own struggles, that I gained a deeper understanding on how the success of parenting is directly linked to the parents' own beliefs and self esteem.



'I sure didn't know about a lot of these things when I was a new mother and wish I had've!'

Sharon, Upper Caboolture, QLD

Foxtel Lifestyle YOU Channel - Parent Book Reviewer


How Amazing Kids! can help parents

So, Amazing Kids! takes you, the parent on a journey of self discovery and the outcome can be very profound for both you and your child. The strategies that I share will help strengthen the bond between you and your child as you apply the coaching techniques that will help your child to handle the most common life problems that face kids today.



'Provides excellent examples and strategies for parents on how to deal and overcome issues they encounter when raising their children.  The end result can be a lot of fun and very rewarding for both.'


Effie30, Bentleigh, VIC

Foxtel Lifestyle YOU Channel - Parent Book Reviewer


My personal goal...

I wish to share with as many parents around the world, the insights I've gained about life and parenting, so other parents can truly enjoy the parenting journey, equipped with effective strategies to develop confident, resilient and happy kids.

I hope that through Amazing Kids!, I'll have the chance to make a positive difference to families and the fruits of this ripples out into the rest of the world.



Amazing Kids! is now out in book stores.  You can also get a copy here at the AmazingLife store.  



The Amazing Kids! parenting book is jam packed full of practical ideas on how to help you to coach your child to be resilient, confident and happy. You can start using the techniques straight away and immediately reap the benefits for you and your family.  Parents have found the techniques easy, practical and very effective.  


'I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was beautifully written and insightful.


The thing I liked most about Amazing Kids is the practical, step by step approach and advice given by May Clarke. Highly recommend. Thanks again.'

Kyriaki, Thornbury VIC

Foxtel Lifestyle YOU Channel - Parent Book Reviewer



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To help cement the Amazing Kids! parenting book ideas, there are other resources and services that I offer to help parents, kids and schools:

  • Parenting coaching sessions (One on one sessions - face to Face or via Skype)
  • Parenting workshops
  • Kids workshops (resilience, self-confidence, managing emotions, self- awareness, bullying etc.)
  • Self empowering books for kids, parents & teachers
  • Kinesiology 
  • Reiki 
  • Group talks and presentations
  • Inspirational blogs


How can Kinesiology or reiki help parents?  

At times, you just need time out for YOURSELF.  This is so important.  

When things get a little too much, there is help available so you can gain clarity on issues that you're struggling with as a parent.  Kinesiology is fantastic for gaining clarity, perspective on many life problems.  I will help you work through the issues and obstacles that you're facing so that you can start to feel calmer, happier and gain more control of your situation.

Both Kinesiology and Reiki are wonderful treatments that can help you:

  • manage stress and anxiety
  • with relationship issues 
  • feel calm, gain clarity and focus
  • increase, confidence, resilience and happiness
  • increase energy 
  • gain clarity and focus
  • improve wellbeing
  • get unstuck in life and gain a clear direction forward



Kids can also benefit from kinesiology and Reiki healing sessions.  It can help with:

  • managing emotions
  • increasing self awareness, confidence and resilience
  • learning difficulties
  • stress and anxiety
  • fears and phobias
  • improving wellbeing
  • balance
  • Nightmares
  • many more

Contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can discuss your specific needs. 

(Note:  Consultations are not designed to replace medical treatment.  They are designed to compliment.  The advice of Doctors is always recommended.)




Enjoy browsing my website.  I hope you find what you are looking for.  I would love to one day meet you at a workshop, clinic or connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or my blog. 

I wish you and your family an amazing journey together!

May Clarke

Author,  Parent Relationship Expert, Kinesiologist/Reiki Practitioner, Speaker



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  • May came into my life when I was struggling to adapt to single life after many years of marriage. At one session May set me a homework task to every day seek something that brought me joy, happiness or a smile. On many days, in my anxious, depressed, alone state, I found nothing, but over time May taught me how to nourish myself, how to make room in my life for me, and not be burdened by responsibility. Now every day holds joyous events. My life is full of wonderful people, and experiences I never dreamed possible a few years ago. I look younger, feel healthier, and many new doors have opened for me. May has guided me towards a more fulfilling life, in a simple and non-judgmental manner. May has helped me find my authentic self and, for that, she will always have a special place in my heart.
    — Christine Kennedy Mother of three, Provisional Psychologist, Paralegal
  • I just wanted to say the biggest thank-you for spending so much time with mum today. She was totally blown away by you. She hasn’t been able to move her arms up so high since the accident. She absolutely raved about you and the whole treatment. Thanks so much May. Mum has said that it’s been ‘life changing.’
    — Michelle Furber Mother of two children, Flight Attendant